Calabria, a country of my Dream

Everyone dreams about a perfect destination and thinking about such a dream destination, the first thought which comes in mind is Calabria, a region in southern Italy. The capital city of Calabria is, Catanzaro. It has a border of Tyrrhenian Sea in the west and Ionian Sea in the east. It’s a beautiful place to visit which has very less population, fewer than 2 million people.


It’s a long and narrow region which stretches from north to south for 248 kms and has a width of 110 kms. It has mountain ranges which is Pollino, La Sila, and Aspromonte. Each mountain has its own beauty which is amazing to see and will blow minds when site-seeing is done.


The climatic condition of Calabria is awesome as in winters it has snow and in summers its dry with occasional thunderstorms. Anyone who wants to enjoy the winters with snow can visit Calabria as its beauty increases with the snow fall; the perfect condition to enjoy the beauty of this place, thereby making this region a perfect dream country holiday destination.


There are many spots in Calabria which are tourist attractions and one of these are the Praia a Mare commonly known as Praja. The off coast Dino Island is also famous mainly for its blue cave, where swimming can be done under blue crystal clear water with fishes around. It’s definitely a heavenly experience on earth.


The region of Calabria, the country of dreams is full of other forms of excitement as well. There are many thrilling sports which catches the breath of people like:

  • Kayaking
  • Scuba Diving
  • Water Skiing
  • Canoeing
  • Snorkelling, and
  • Fishing

It’s a place of adventures where all the fears can overcome and the enjoyment will be done to the fullest.

Calabria—the heaven on earth

Well, it can be called as a heaven on earth for its beauty. It’s a country with mountains, beaches and land, all the true features come under one dream country which is Calabria.

Calabria also has many hotels which are sea facing which gives a full view to a person who wants to see true beauty. It’s kind of a paradise, for a person who wants to be in a relaxing and fresh atmosphere.


Well, all regions or country has its own food specialities and Calabria is famous for its Calabrese cooking. The fundamental ingredient of Calabria is Peperoncino. Calabrese food is famous for its hot and spicy food.

Some of the specialities are:

  • Sopresatta, the dried sausage
  • Alici Ripieni, a popular sea food
  • Sardella, the sauce made of hot peppers, olive oil and small sardines.

The most beautiful part of the world, which is in southern part of the Italy, has its own beauty which makes Calabria- a country of my dream.