Festas and festive occasions in Calabria

Relive your life with Calabria’s festas and festivals

Calabria is one of the most exotic places of Italy that foresees both beautiful nature along with offering a classy stature. So much exciting is the place that choosing this place as a vacations’ spot won’t be a regretful idea.To add to the richness of the culture, thereby attracting more visitors, Calabria offers a complete list of “festas or festive occasions” commonly known as festivals, that will make you fall for this place again and again.

 Beautiful culture rich “festas”

One major reason why Calabria has been able to attract so many tourists each year is because of the spark and the life of these “festas” To let you know the lustre of these festivals, herein is a brief list of each of them that will make you acquainted why this Italian region is so inviting.

  • I tri da cruci– Celebrated during the third day of May, every year, “I tri da cruciis an exciting festival that is held at Tropea. This festival has its origin in the three wooden crosses. These respective crosses are still venerated today, with the aim to revive those old days and the rich Calabrian culture.Having a particular historical and cultural significance, the entire episode of the Saracens’ expulsion is also re-enacted for living those days. A puppet is used for representing the infidel, which is later burnt.
  • Sagra della cipolla rossa- The celebration of the tomatoes and colours are quite popular. But here comes the festival that is exclusively associated with red onions only for honouring the Gastronomy’s queen, that of the city Tropea. People belonging from different farm stands, sell along with displaying their respective gastronomic specialities which are produced nowhere but in their own homes. For ensuring that these classics and the antiquities of their ethnic recipes are not lost, people follow each and every recipe in the most scrupulous way. The entire feast gets ended with the inclusion of games as well as music shows. Celebrated in the month of July, this festival is all about culture and gaiety.
  • Il Palio di Diana- Celebrated in August every year, “Il Palio di Diana” helps in reviving the epic Vibo’s story who lived during the early 1500s. The entire episode begins with the Diana’s life with respect to her period costumes along with a competition. This itself gets followed with a series of childish yet really interesting competitions like sack race, rug-tug war and also the “pinata’s” breaking. Few days preceding this festival, some sounds as well as sights, that of Renaissance, are introduced for getting that feel. Not just that, exactly few days following this festival, a horse race also shows up. For adding more life, some acrobats, jesters and lastly jugglers show their talented performances.

Of course along with the basic “festas” there are many other more which simply cannot be mention in one small list. To get that taste, you need to visit this beautiful Italian region to discover the true meaning of “festive” life.