What our clients say

The professional, truly reliable and friendly service of Dr. Ivan De Luca of Agenzia Casabella has been an essential asset for customers like us, coming from far-away country to South Italy to buy and own property. Many thanks for your continuos support during our first 5 years!

– Harry Santamaki and Anne Santamaki, Helsinki, Finland

Services and support from Mr Ivan DeLuca at Casabella in Scalea :-

In September 2007 we decided to search for a holiday home in Italy and identified Scalea as one of the interesting places with most suitable apartments for sale. In our search we quickly came to Mr Ivan DeLuca at Casabella. We were in competent hands and everything was taken care of in a professional and friendly manner so we finally found a place that we were interested in and with the help of Ivan we made an offer that was accepted.The formalities that are a common nuisance in every major deal were completely taken care of by Casabella and Mr DeLuca, so that the only tasks left for ourselves was to appear for the signing of contracts and exchange of keys. Due to the meticulous preparation by Ivan everything worked well and without any delay. Ever since we had the apartment in Scalea, Mr DeLuca has supported and helped us in all common aspects of dealing with authorities, payments of bills and clarification with the commune as well as the water suppliers and electricity board. It is very important to understand all details and with his excellent English skills all misunderstandings and communication problems have been avoided.Any issues that ever have arisen regarding any aspect of the apartment or even just personal interests and touristic inquiries have been taken care of with the same professional attitude and problem solving dedication. Particularly in critical situations and emergencies Mr DeLuca has shown to be knowledgeable and decisive. We trust him with all matters regarding the care of our apartment and he is also in administration of all ourfinancial matters in Italy.

With our experience we are very happy and rely on Mr DeLuca and his friendly manners. We can only support him in his ways and recommend him as a partner for all who are interested in Scalea and Italy.

With kind regards

-Sabine Keturi-Philipp , Alexander Philipp

Ciao Ivan,
Thank you once again for your help last week. Once again you went the extra mile . What would we do without your help and knowledge. It does not seem like 8 years since we first came to Scales and in that time you have sorted out so many problems for us with the comune and condominium. I have recommended Agenzia Casabella several times on the Scalea Forum website and would be happy to speak to anybody who would like further assurance of your trustworthiness and all round capability.

Distinguished saluti ai tuoi

-LYNN FRIEL, Durban – South Africa

Hi Everyone,
I was lucky finding my property in Italy.
Ivan de Luca located an ideal place for me in Scalea.
He then took care of all the details; he even opened a bank account on
my behalf. And the service doesn’t stop there; he is always available for advice and help.
His is the reassuring presence that takes the stress out of owning a property abroad.
I would always use Ivan if I wanted to move, but that’s unlikely; we love Scalea.

Kind Regards

Hod Birkby